Engineering Technology

Pre Engineering I I - 2 Credits
This course is designed to provide students with training in the exciting field of Computer Aided Design. Components of this course include the study of the principles and graphic methods currently used in this industry. Emphasis is placed on learning basic drafting standards and CAD software as well as enhancing fundamental computer skills. This introductory program was developed to help the student achieve entry-level skills required for employment. Drafting topics covered include learning the different types of drawings: technical sketching, geometric construction, orthographic projection and isometric drawings. Students will also learn dimensioning standards, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT), descriptive geometric, section views, and auxiliary views. Other areas incorporated involve basic architectural drawings, weldments drawings, and assembly drawings. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their computer skills on top-notch personal computers implementing Windows XP and AutoDesk software products. Career preparation and employability skills will also be a focus of this course.

Prerequisite: None

Pre-Engineerng II (2 credits)
This course is designed to give students basic knowledge of three-dimensional (3D) software. The students will create 3D models using basic concepts of parametric design. The software package used in this class is Solid Works. Students who finish all the twelve State Segments will be given the opportunity to take a software certification in Solid Work. In the course of the year students will be exposed to the following topics: Basic Mechanical Design Concept, Boolean Operations, mass properties, 3D modeling, Manufacturing Processes and Parametric Design. 

Prerequisite: Pre-Engineering I