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ISD Scholarships

A single scholarship application will be used for all ISD Scholarships, Student of the Year candidates, and Bay College Scholarships.  Students complete one application and write a single essay.  Before filling out the application, please examine the individual scholarships listed below.

2020 ISD Scholarship Application Form

Essay Ideas

ISD Scholarships

Community Scholarships

 Community Scholarships are provided by people and organizations that offer awards to various candidate pools.  For example; some are just for our DSISD CTE students.  Others are for students whose parents are members of the donor organization.

Community Scholarships each have their own application form and essay requirements.  They also have various due dates, some of which are earlier than ISD Scholarships.  Essays and applications must be submitted to the address of the donor organization which you will find on each application.  If you would like, the Student Services office will mail Community Scholarship applications for you.

Community Scholarship Criteria