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CTE Scholarships

Students are eligible for every Scholarship and Award designated for their CTE program by completing a single application and writing just a single one page essay.

The Student Awards Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 7:00 pm in the Escanaba High School Auditorium.


2022 CTE Scholarship Application

Essay Ideas

Community Scholarships

Some scholarship donors prefer to have students submit applications directly to their organization. They each have their own application form and essay requirements. We call these awards “Community Scholarships” to distinguish them from the CTE Scholarships that we administer here at the CTE Center.

To fill out an application electronically, first make a copy for yourself to keep in your own Google Drive. In the upper left corner, click on "File". Choose "Make a Copy" from the dropdown menu. Once the copy appears, backspace over the words "Copy of" and replace them with your name. When you are finished filling out the application, submit it to the CTE Student Services Office by again clicking on "File". This time select "Email" from the dropdown menu and choose "Email this file". Fill in Ms. Carley's address, [email protected]. Notice that you can also check a box that says "Send yourself a copy".  Scholarship applications, essays, and transcripts may be submitted via email or, if you prefer, bring hard copies of your materials to Ms. Carley in the CTE Student Services Office. We will deliver your applications to the scholarship donor organizations.

Community Scholarships