Building Technology Cluster

Construction Trades I - 2 Credits
Construction Trades is designed for students interested in learning basic skills related to construction and maintenance of small and large structures. Hands-on experience will be gained through the construction of a house, from the planning stage to completion, as well as various building/repair projects. Learning experiences will be gained through introductions to hand and power tools use, building materials, blueprint reading, computer-aided design, concrete work, brick and block masonry, carpentry skills, roofing, insulation, windows and doors, interior trim, vinyl siding, plumbing, electrical, cabinetmaking, drywall hanging and finishing, painting, finishing woodwork, landscaping, and employability skills.

Prerequisite: None

Construction Trades II - 2 Credits 
Construction Trades II students will further develop their construction and leadership skills. They will be assigned as crew leaders and will focus on their own career interest. Advanced second year students can also be placed on a work experience site with a contractor in the community to further define their career goal.

Prerequisite: Construction Trades I