Early Middle College

Students can attend college with FREE TUITION for a full year through our Early Middle College partnership with Bay de Noc Community College. We offer a wide variety of pathways. Students graduate after their “fifth year” of high school with an industry recognized Certificate that can stand alone or ladder into an Associate Degree. Because students enroll in EMC as high school juniors, they ease into the college environment with additional support from EMC staff in the CTE department and at Bay College.

1) Certificate in Automotive Maintenance Technician
Automotive EMC Explanation

2) Associate in Applied Science in Computer Network Systems and Security
IT Essentials EMC Explanation
3) Certificate in Early Childhood Education
Careers in Education EMC Explanation
4)  Education Pathways
Careers in Education EMC Explanation
5) Health Occupations Pathways
Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Basic)
Certificate in Practical Nursing (LPN)
Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
6) Certificate in Mechatronics
Machining and PDAD EMC Explanation
7) Certificate in Welding
Welding EMC Explanation
Bay College Contract
How to apply at Bay College

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my CTE class count for college credit at Bay? YES – Your CTE class is part of your program of study leading to a Certificate at the end of your “fifth year” of high school.

Will my CTE class save me some time? YES – We design our CTE classes to meet Bay College standards for similar courses. You won’t have to take a college class for material you already learned in your CTE class.

Will I apply to Bay College during high school? YES

Will I enroll in actual Bay College courses taught by Bay’s faculty during high school? Some students will, depending on which EMC pathway you select.

Can I save money by choosing Early Middle College? YES – attend college for a full year and pay NO TUITION OR FEES!

What grades will I need to earn? Earn a B or higher in your CTE class and a C or higher in your Bay College courses.

What about attendance requirements? It is very difficult to succeed in college courses without making good attendance your priority.

What if I change my mind? You can always change your mind and withdraw from EMC.